Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back Gardens and Views of the Lake

Hello dears...
 Wanted to share with you the new growth in the back gardens.
 Many of the perennials are filling out nicely.
 Its so nice to see all this green again.
 The daffodils are mostly finished blooming.
And a few of the early irises have buds ready to open.
 Lots of little groundcovers are blooming.
I think this might be a weed, but I think it is pretty, so it stays.
As you can see... it has taken over this bed. 
 Lets go to the butterfly hill.
 It has been so pretty with the yellow blooms.
 Lots of shrubs are yet to leaf out, but soon it will all be green.
 The grasses have been cut back, it looks bare to me without them.
 Soon this will be a mass of color with all the irises.
 It is a favorite place to sit and look at the water.
 Update on the horse news... he will be going to a good friend and neighbor just down the road.
The girls are happy they will be able to visit Reno.
The fence and gates are already sold and will come down in a few weeks.
It will be my hubby's "golf course" looking yard again in no time.

I am not sad about it, it will be a good home and we enjoyed him.
I certainly have enough to keep busy this summer.

The first garden event is this Saturday with an 
"Fellowship and Flowers Brunch" here on my porch.
I have been cleaning the house and garden this week getting ready for it.

Thanks so much for stopping by....Brooke
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hello Dears!

Just popping in to share some of the lovely bulbs blooming today!

Hope you are having a great week too.

Double Red Flowering Ornamental Peach Tree

Good Morning Sweet Garden Friends!
Today I wanted to share the wonderful blooms of my little peach tree.
This year it only has about half the normal amount of blooms.
But they are so lovely.
I think it was the weather this year.
It will bloom for about 10 days for me.
They open slowly a few at a time.
This tree is 3 years old in my garden.
It will grow to 15-20 feet tall.
In the summer it kind of disappears.
But it is a nice little accent tree all season.
But it is the blooms that are so striking.
They are a very dark almost Magenta Pink.
I bought mine at a local Rural King (a farm and garden store).
It was about $25 and our local one has this tree this year too.

It is an ornamental, so no fruit on this one.
Just lovely pink blooms each spring!

See more blooms from this tree...

Thanks for stopping by....Brooke

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