Friday, April 18, 2014

Aprons and Lace... Oh My!!

Okay, I know I just did a porch post a few days ago.
But then I went yard sale'n and found some new goodies.
So I am back to show you how I am using them.
Remember those aprons?
Aren't they just the cutest!
I also added the yellow pastel rugs.
I love taking inexpensive finds and making the porch cozy.
Like old quilts and inexpensive pillows.
And did I say lace?
Yes. I added lace to the swing.
Why not?
It was in a closet... now I can enjoy it.
I love how it makes it look all cozy.
Will it stay this way?
Who knows... but for now I am happy with it.
So cute.
I am in such a cutesy phase... are you too?
But I just love the fun bright colors.
Maybe I am having a second childhood.
But life is serious enough.
Its good to have something you can just enjoy.
I am reminding myself to be more thankful.
To enjoy these days and be content.
Thanks so much for stopping by and GOD BLESS YOU!
Happy Easter....Brooke

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My Sweet Little Redbuds Are Blooming....

Just a quick hello...
I wanted to share with you how pretty my little redbud trees are blooming.

They are each 4-5 years old.
They get prettier every year.

Many more pics to come this week!
Good Friday Blessings....Brooke

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Basket Full Of GOODIES!

It's officially yard sale season in Indiana.
The kind where you schedule your grocery shopping 
according to what town you want to hit this week.

My favorites are the city-wide sales.
Come early folks.  
The best stuff is usually gone the evening before.
So today I thought I would do a fun post and share what is in my new basket full of GOODIES!
This was all together when I got it, BTW.
First off... aprons!
I think these are darling.
Will I wear
Decorate with them... oh heck yes.
Doilies... yes, yes, yes.
This one is so delicate, love it.
But these table runners are what I just fell in love with.
The sizes are perfect.
 They are all in great condition.
 I just love this one.
 Makes me wonder who made them.
And of course the basket is fantastic too!
Okay... how much for all of this you ask?


I would have gave that just for the basket.

Dang I love Yard Sale Season!!

Happy Thrifting....Brooke

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