Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Rose BLOOM Of The Year!

Yeah! The first bloom of the year from my roses. This is a rugosa rosa and I have 7 of them as a hedge beside my wing-wall of the walk-out basement. They are soooo tough and wild, but so pretty when they bloom. It is loaded and will be lovely in a few days.
Here is some more pretty things in bloom today.....

Ornimental Strawberry flower in bloom.... so pretty.

The voilas are still doing good.

Coral Bells.

Sea thrift, so bright and pretty.

Pascae flower and vinca minor. Lovely this year.

Hostas, voilas, daylily, and a peony ready to bloom.

Creeping phlox.

Last night my bearded irsis was closed up pretty tight, but today it is really opening fast. So I will have pics of them soon. Hugs to all and Happy Sunday....