Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October is for Roses, Hollyhocks and Reblooming Iris!


I have been away for a few days and my garden really perked up while I was gone.


These “The Fairy” roses will fade to almost white, but with so many blooms they are bright pink right now.


What is it about roses and angel statues…. they just are a perfect match!


I have one good yellow one for you today…. it is my faithful “Countrytime”….
the one everyone wants when they visit.


But this is mine today…. Immortality Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris….
It has three more buds to open just.  How fantastic for the middle of October?


And I have to make a note to brag on the hollyhocks, they have bloomed almost nonstop since June.  I cut this one back after collecting seeds and it sent more new blooms.  It has several more to come.  I have seeds in stock for this white one in my store----

Seed Store 

Happy fall everyone, I hope you are enjoying it in your gardens as I am…..Brooke