Friday, August 5, 2011

Gardening on the Rocks…

I wanted to give you a little tour of our “Firepit/ Rock Garden” today.  It is really blooming like crazy this week despite very high temperatures.  This area is about 3 years old now and relies only on rainwater.  It has a great view of our lakes and we love to have fires down here for cookouts.  I am sorry this is a very photo heavy post, but there is a bunch to see!


View from the back walk to he deck, we live on two private lakes, the one you see here is a 30 acre lake and the one our property is on is an additional 18 acres.  We have access and great views of both lakes.  Our property is about 7 acres and about an acre of that is water.  In all there are about 6 families that use the lake in the summer, but only two full time homes and one vacation home that is not finished yet.  So it is usually very quiet and serene.

Welcome to our rock garden, we call “The Firepit”  It is usually the last stop on the “garden tour” because it is hard to leave.  We have six Adirondack chairs plus the picnic table… but we can seat about 40 down here… you just have to sit on a rock!  It is a fantastic place to watch the fireworks over the lake on the 4th and almost all of our summer parties are down here.

I have many different types of plants in this area, but they have a common theme of pinks.


I also love my grasses, Karl Forester is the main one in this area, but I also have used ribbon grass and switch grasses.



I have two butterfly bushes that are a great place to get photos of all kinds of butterflies.  You just sit on a rock and wait quietly.



The large shrub is Lucy Althea… I love its double blooms and magenta color against the dark green leaves.  I cut this back to just above knee high early this spring… thinking I will cut it back to about 12 inches next spring… very good grower and bloomer!  It must be really happy there.


All of these coneflowers are from seed three years ago.  In a couple weeks I will cut them all down to about 6 inches, it I don’t they will seed everywhere.   But I love my coneflowers and they are perfect next to the rocks.


Lol… you can see our beach towels drying on the deck, we have been swimming often in the lake.


On the right is my favorite evergreen tree, a curly Arborvitae.  I am unsure of the name of this one.


In the very back you can see “Big Bertha” my huge boulder.  She is about 6 ft tall and 10 feet wide.  We had a heck of a time moving her!  To hear about the creation of this area…. see my post “Garden Fireworks” it has a video of it too!


The view of our lake as you see it sitting in the chairs.  On the right far bank you can see the yellow water lilies blooming.


I let my Cherry Cleomes seed a bit this spring and I am so happy I did.  They are a fantastic color and show up good  in the view from the house.


We light tiki torches and this whole area looks like the set of “Survivor”…. like we are about to vote someone off the island.  It is just beautiful at night with the stars.


Here is an overlook of our backyard.  We are still trying to get the grass to fill in… very hot and dry.


And this is your first peek of our new property…. we are in the process of buying more land.  My hubby has been cleaning out junk trees and brush.  He has mowed it once, but he already has way too much to mow, about 6 hours a week.  We have trails up the hill for the 4 wheelers.  When we get it we will own all the way to the power lines (About 3 more acres), right now our property line is where it is mowed shorter.
Thanks for visiting us way out here in the boonies and Happy Gardening!
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